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Benefits of a Sitemap Builder

Creating a comprehensive website plan is crucial when building a new website. Website planning is the creation of a plan that outlines the goals and purpose of your website. A good website plan will enhance your chance of having a project that you can successfully manage. Many website developers may not admit it, but this is a part of website creation that gives them a headache. It takes most of their time, sometimes more time than they use thinking about the actual structure of the website. You have to spend time drawing boxes, connecting and aligning them, and then moving them around again for the next iteration. Fortunately, there are some tools for creating a sitemap. An example of a free visual sitemap generator that you can find online is Slickplan. Slickplan helps a website developer to plan their website before they can begin coding. Learn more on website site map.

One advantage of using the Slickplan app to plan your website is that it will automatically create the boxes for you and also connect and arrange them. This saves you lots of time that you would have taken to draw, connect and align them. Additionally, with the Slickplan sitemap generator app, you easily change the color scheme of your sitemap with just one click. The app color codes the sitemap by level, which is a great way to improve the readability of the sitemap.

Another advantage is that with the Slickplansitemap generator is that the map can be saved and then referenced to the older versions. With Slickplan, you can create multiple versions of the sitemap and keep them organized by giving them version numbers. A document saved can be opened as a new version and then be viewed in the older versions. Further, with Slickplan you can import a .xml file and convert it automatically into a sitemap. The drag and drop interface that allows you to drag and drop entire pages or page groups. This way you can easily reorder the sitemap in a short time. This is a great way of saving time.

A sitemap created using Slickplan can auto resize meaning you can read the sitemap using any screen size. Additionally it possible to integrate it with several other applications, including WordPress and basecamp. The app also auto-saves your work as you continue so that you never lose your work in case of any eventuality. The best part is that the app gives you a trial version free of charge for thirty days. Learn more on
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